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Here is the error message returned by Auro Wallet.
Now we use error message and error code show the error, zkApp can show the error to user.
/** error info type */
interface ProviderError extends Error {
message: string;
code: number;
data?: unknown;

Error code information

if return failed info , zkApp can get error code.
* code 1001 User disconnect, need connect first.
* code 1002 The request was rejected by the user.
* code 20001 Can not find account, may need create or restore in Auro Wallet first.
* code 20002 Verify failed.
* code 20003 The parameters were invalid.
* code 20004 Not support chain.
* code 20005 Have Pending chain action.
* code 20006 Method not supported.
* code 21001 Internal error.
* code 22001 Unspecified error message.
* code 23001 Origin dismatch.
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