Add or Switch Chain

Scenarios for interact chain with Auro Wallet.


During initialization, zkApp can get current chainId and chain name by call requestNetwork.

const network: ChainInfoArgs = await window.mina?.requestNetwork()
  .catch((err: any) => err);


zkApp can switch chain by this method.

Current only support these chain Id:

  • mainnet

  • devnet

  • berkeley

  • testworld2

type ChainInfoArgs = {
    chainId: string;
    name: string;

interface ProviderError extends Error {
    message: string;
    code: number;
    data?: unknown;

const switchResult:ChainInfoArgs|ProviderError = await window.mina
        chainId: chainId.trim(),
    }).catch((err: any) => err);

Add Chain

If want to custom the adding chain or switch chain, can use this method. When the URL has been added, it will request to switch to chain corresponding to the URL.

const addInfo = {
  url: encodeURIComponent("graphQLURL"),
  name: "networkName",

const addResult:ChainInfoArgs|ProviderError = await window.mina?.addChain(addInfo)
  .catch((err: any) => err);

Chain Event

This method is used to listen chain changes. When the Auro Wallet chain change, the event will be trigger.

window.mina?.on("chainChanged",(chainInfo: ChainInfoArgs) => {

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