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Sign Message

This scenario is mainly used to sign information. that can be used for login verification.

Sign Message

This method is used for sign message.
interface SignedData {
publicKey: string;
data: string;
signature: {
field: string;
scalar: string;
interface ProviderError extends Error {
message: string;
code: number;
data?: unknown;
type SignMessageArgs = {
const content = `Click "Sign" to sign in. No password needed!
This request will not trigger a blockchain transaction or cost any gas fees.
I accept the Auro Test zkApp Terms of Service: ${window.location.href}
address: ${currentAccount}
iat: ${new Date().getTime()}`;
const signContent:SignMessageArgs = {
const signResult: SignedData|ProviderError = await window.mina?
.catch((err: any) => err);

Sign Json Message

This method is used for sign JSON data , Auro Wallet will format message.
type JsonMessageData = {
type SignJsonMessageArgs = {
readonly message: Array<JsonMessageData>
const msgParams = [
{ label: "Label:", value: "Sign Confirm" },
label: "Message:",
value: "Click to sign in and accept the Terms of Service",
label: "URI:",
value: window.location.href,
label: "Chain ID:",
value: network.chainId,
label: "Chain Name:",
label: "Issued At:",
value: new Date().getTime(),
label: "Resources:",
value: "",
const signResult:SignedData|ProviderError = await window.mina
message: msgParams
.catch((err: any) => err);

Verify Message

This methods is used for verify signed Message.
let verifyResult:boolean|ProviderError = await window.mina
.catch((err: any) => err);
console.log(verifyResult); // If the result is successful, it will return true.