Send zk Transaction

This scenario is mainly used to create zk-contract or update zk-contracts.

Update zk contract

This method is use to sign and broadcast zk transaction.

type SendTransactionHash = {
  hash: string;

type SignedZkappCommand = {
  signedData: string; // results of JSON.stringify( signZkappCommand().data )

type SendZkTransactionResult = SendTransactionResult | SignedZkappCommand

interface ProviderError extends Error {
    message: string;
    code: number;
    data?: unknown;

interface SendTransactionArgs {
    readonly onlySign?: boolean; // auro-extension-wallet support from V2.2.16. 
    readonly transaction: string | object;
    readonly feePayer?: {
        readonly fee?: number;
        readonly memo?: string;

const updateResult: SendZkTransactionResult| ProviderError= await window.mina?
      onlySign: onlySign, // only sign zkCommond, not broadcast.
      transaction: transactionJSON, // this is zk commond, create by zkApp.
      feePayer: { // option.
        fee: fee,
        memo: memo


Here is an demo of update a zk contract. To create a zkApp contract, you need to use o1js to sign first, then use Auro Wallet to sign the result of o1js signed. The created zkApp contract demo is here.

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